EcoLight Design Consultants is the region’s premier green lighting design consultancy for residential, industrial and commercial clients.  EcoLight rigorously advocates the use of environmentally friendly and energy saving light sources as alternatives to conventional sources such as standard incandescent bulbs.

 Green Lighting Design involves balancing desired aspects of aesthetic design, lux (brightness) level and energy consumption, along with incorporating controls for dimming and colour change.  Green Lighting Design encompasses additional considerations of environmental sustainability and minimized maintenance efforts.

Our team of illuminators come from diverse backgrounds and have an intimate understanding of the dynamic relationship between lighting and human behaviour.  We are well-equipped to provide optimal designs that balance aesthetic comfort and performance, while according meticulous consideration towards environmental conservation and reduced operating costs.

Enhance your current by using our unique illumination solutions to give personality and individuality to your building’s interior space or exterior zones.

Our Services

EcoLight Design Consultants provides a broad spectrum of aesthetic design, technical computation and simulation services for lighting projects.  Our projects help clients achieve various objectives including aesthetic appearance, installation and operational cost management as well as meeting government standards such as the GreenMark certification.

EcoLight upholds excellence in green illumination technology and design, achieving architectural character and feeling with 3D computer simulated imagery and excellent project management.  Our talented and experienced creative lighting designers provide innovative perspectives and state-of-the-art designs through clever management of appropriate lighting spectrums.

We work with building owners, architects and interior designers within Asia to plan and implement energy saving lighting solutions that are superior to the use of conventional lightings.  We incorporate several independently sourced lighting technologies in our designs such as Induction, Light Emitting Diodes and Plasma lighting.