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May 23


Design and Architecture // Lighting Design by EcoLight Design Consultants

By EcoLight Design Consultants

Lighting Design is the fine balance between achieving desired aesthetic designs, lux level (brightness) requirements and reduced energy consumption, with the possibility of dimming and colour change controls.  Green Lighting Design incorporates added requirements of environmental sustainability and reduced maintenance efforts. Read more →

Apr 25


Singapore Architect // Induction Lamps for Energy Efficiency in Homes, Offices, Commercial and Industrial Buildings

By EcoLight Design Consultants

Lighting is multifunctional. It is practical yet emotive. The primary objective of enabling vision is often complemented with the need to elicit moods or emotions to drive thoughts and behaviours. With a large percentage of time spent indoors, it is important that lighting design serves both function and feeling. Going beyond, intelligent lighting design maximises energy efficiency for environmental sustainability.

Induction lamp technology is an ideal solution that addresses this. Read more →

Feb 15


Singapore Architect // Green Lighting Design By Night : Transformation of Nightlife in Singapore

By EcoLight Design Consultants

The hourly changes in natural daylight impact individual moods by day.  By night, artificial lighting takes over to elicit psychological responses.  The synthesis of changing light levels, innovative interior designs and desired decorum provide food and beverage outlets with unique identities.

Advocating the use of energy saving lighting and control solutions, EcoLight Design Consultants has been working with clients to transform Singapore night scene into a vibrant, aesthetically attractive, yet environmentally sustainable one. Read more →

Dec 13


Singapore Architect // The Future of Lighting Design

By EcoLight Design Consultants

Buildings and objects always look their best in natural light.  Over the years, artificial lighting has been making headway from primarily serving as a source of illumination to becoming a critical building design tool.  Building illumination has now evolved from basic lighting to become an integral component of a building’s aesthetics.  But the increasingly challenging demands of modern architectural designs have also witnessed a corresponding increase in energy consumption for lighting. Read more →