Design and Architecture // Cutting Edge Green Illumination Design

By EcoLight Design Consultants

As a green lighting design consultancy, EcoLight Design Consultants upholds excellence in green illumination technology and design.  Our creative and experienced lighting design team provides innovative perspectives and state-of-the-art designs through the clever management of appropriate lighting spectrums.

Advocating the use of environmentally friendly and energy saving light sources as alternatives to conventional lighting sources, EcoLight aims to utilise energy efficient lamps to fulfil functional lighting needs with a novel design spin.

With a strong portfolio of notable projects and clients, EcoLight has consolidated its position as a premier green lighting consultancy, adding touches of sophistication through its innovative illumination designs.

Five Chancery

Providing functional lighting by leveraging on the handrails, EcoLight presents a unique way of illuminating the path by eliminating the need for conventional and bulky streetlamps or bollard lamps.  The handrails are illuminated with energy efficient LED modules, adding a touch of sophistication and glamour to the development with its distinctive lighting design.

In addition to its functional purposes, the lights are also ambient forming, adding a sparkle to the property.  Come sunset, the private swimming pools flanking the houses appear ever more alluring, tempting both residents and visitors alike to venture out for a late night dip.  A sanctuary within the city, the softly glowing handrails complement the sparkle of the cityscape on the distant horizon, a gentle reminder that the heart of Singapore is but a stone’s throw away.

True to its nature, EcoLight achieves its design elements while realising its aim of reducing its footprint on Mother Earth.  By employing energy efficient LED lighting in development projects, the need for bulky and ineffective conventional lamps is eliminated, making the property an undisputable green jewel in Singapore.

52 Stevens

Utilising lighting design elements in the interior and exterior of this luxury apartment complex, EcoLight enhances the value and style of this prestigious property through its inventive lighting.

Throughout the development, the lighting design serves to accentuate its best features.  Feature lighting of the art pieces and gravel wall feature add depth and dimension, creating conversational points for visitors.  The backlighting of the onyx feature wall at the lobby showcases the patterned surface, tempting passersby to stop and revel in the beauty of the stone grain.

Subtle and sleek cove lights contribute to a comfortable and welcoming space, providing added cheer to returning residents.  By keeping the ground uncluttered, embedded ground lights skirting the lobby and driveway contribute to the chic and luxurious feel of the building.

Outdoors, the ambient lighting of the lush foliage beside the pool contributes to an aura of peace and serenity, enabling a luxurious and relaxing soak while being minutes away from the bustling city.