Design and Architecture // Adaptive and Transformational Light : Balaclava@Ion

By EcoLight Design Consultants

The uber-trendy Balaclava@Ion brings an ambience that is hip and relaxed.  The lighting concept integrates with the Ion Building’s iconic façade lighting.  This infuses privacy where possible, making it the perfect showcase of design transcending function.

Individually zoned lighting controls manage mood lighting.  The linear design of the bar is first illuminated by natural daylight.  At dusk, the lighting level is gradually lowered.  By 8pm, the building’s façade lighting diffuses into the bar.  For patrons, this heralds the evening’s arrival.

Post sunset, spots in the bar are strategically lit by LED lights, creating a chic and intimate atmosphere, an ideal backdrop to unwind.  Entrances to the restrooms are a conversation point with a purpose built projector spotlight casting the restroom’s genders onto the door.  This cheeky interplay of lights provides an aura of adventure for patrons:  Miss the light and risk entering the wrong door.