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By EcoLight Design Consultants

Lighting Design is the fine balance between achieving desired aesthetic designs, lux level (brightness) requirements and reduced energy consumption, with the possibility of dimming and colour change controls.  Green Lighting Design incorporates added requirements of environmental sustainability and reduced maintenance efforts.

EcoLight Design Consultants, based in Singapore, is the region’s premier lighting design consultancy for residential, industrial and commercial clients.  The company rigorously advocates the use of environmentally friendly and energy saving light sources as alternatives to conventional light sources such as standard incandescent and florescent.

In their projects, EcoLight harnesses state of the art illumination technology to enable architects, interior designers, home and building owners to achieve design and lighting efficacy objectives.  The team of illuminators come from diverse backgrounds (including Psychology, Lighting Design, Interior Design, Engineering and Building Materials) with an intimate understanding of the dynamic relationship between lighting and human behaviour, to provide optimal designs for human comfort and performance and to move the human spirit.  While doing so, full consideration is accorded by the team towards environmental conservation and reduced operating costs.

Ecolight Design Consultants’ objectives are:

  • The aesthetic lighting design of any building shall be uncompromised.
  • The use of energy saving and environmentally sustainable lighting sources shall be adopted where possible. 
  • All lighting sources shall enable lowered energy consumption, reduced maintenance, lowered heat emission, longer lifespan and equal or better performance as compared with conventional lighting sources where possible.
  • To use eco-lighting sources that can enable clients to achieve Green (such as Green Mark) or corporate environmental objectives where possible.
  • Uphold the belief that aesthetics and environmental conservation can coexist towards the making of a Greener planet.

Projects completed include a number of luxury hotels in major cities in New Zealand. In Singapore, the wide cross-section includes established five-star luxury hotels, prime serviced residential buildings, buildings in the CBD, high-end food and beverage outlets, high-end condominiums, Good Class Bungalows, public parks and gardens, industrial as well as public buildings.