Mission & Vision

To provide architects, interior designers as well as home and building owners with specially crafted and leading-edge illumination solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient.

Our lighting design is distinct from traditional lighting design, a field that has long been in the domain of architects and engineers.  We believe that lights elicit visceral and emotional responses from people and are singlehandedly capable of making an ordinary building or space interesting and aesthetically attractive.

As architectural designs become increasingly sophisticated to suit evolving trends and discerning client demands, lighting design has to keep pace.  Building owners are constantly scrutinizing increasing costs of energy and looking for optimized return on investment on renovation costs.  With the advent of a plethora of energy efficient lights, we aim to be the leading solutions provider in selecting the appropriate technologies in design applications that promote sustainability and cost efficiency in performance and maintenance.

Looking forward in 2012, the evolution towards Green lighting solutions has started to make an impact on city dwellers in Asia.  EcoLight Design Consultants intends to continue to enable clients make their mark in a vibrant and energy efficient Asia.